Kerbing Installations – Driveways and Patios Bedworth


We deliver a vary of kerbing choices for your driveway. These solutions are designed to not only retain your driveway but also to purpose as ornamental and to include style to any driveway region.

We have solutions ranging from normal brick on edge to concrete edging kerbs, block paving curbs and organic stone edging. Below, we will emphasize some of the different designs obtainable so you can see which variety of edging could match your driveway.

Concrete Edging Kerb

Concrete edging kerbs are one of the most common style of kerbing available. They are offered generally just the one particular colour, that getting grey. They’re readily available in many dimensions relying regardless of whether you desire it to finish flush with your driveway.

Concrete edging kerbs are obtainable with a sloped edge, a rounded edge, or a flat top edging. Generally, we constantly use flat top edging kerbs as a divide at the entrance of the driveway from the neighborhood pavement.

Brick on Edge

A brick on edge, is typically employed as a compact retaining line for driveways from lawn locations and flower beds. A brick on edge is a block paving brick, laid on its side and bench the concrete. The benefit to working with this is that you can use a matching colour to the driveway if you are opting for block paving. Locate out more about our block paving in Bedworth listed here.

Block Paving Kerbs

block paving kerbs, are out there in two distinct dimensions normally. KL kerb which is a large kerb and a Ks kerb which is a tiny kerb. They are offered in several colours with the two most widespread staying brindle and charcoal.

Block paving kerbs are offered as a rounded kerb and a slanted kerb. They are also obtainable in a matching design to cobblestone and Tegula Paving.

Natural Stone Kerbing

Organic stone kerbing is commonly produced from hewn stone and squared off. You can also use cobblestone as a pure stone kerb presented it has the depth to enable benching in concrete. With pure stone you are constrained with the possibility of colours nonetheless you are certain that what ever color you select, that color will continue to be all over its overall lifespan.

All our kerbing is set up to business benchmarks, giving both function and charm to any driveway. To read much more about our paving options including custom made bespoke techniques and block paving laying patterns, take a look at our paving solutions. We hope you’ve relished this posting and if you need additional information or would like to talk about your driveway in Bedworth, we would appreciate to hear from you.